‘That Dragon, Cancer’ is a OUYA Exclusive

Ryan Green announced that his game about the trials and tribulations of raising a child suffering from cancer is launching exclusively on the OUYA in 2014. Green says that he chose to launch That Dragon, Cancer exclusively on the Android-based platform because the platform holder has pledged to help with development costs and ensure that the game gets made.

The game, developed by Green and his programming partner Josh Larson, is about Green's real-life story of raising his son Joel, who has cancer. Green's decision to make the game exclusive to the OUYA is the result of a long conversation with Kellee Santiago, best known as one of the founders of Journey and Flower's studio, thatgamecompany. She joined OUYA this year.

Larson and Santiago met during GDC earlier this year, where she was instantly in love with the game. After playing it, Santiago said that she wanted the game to be finished and that, over the next few months she talked with Green about bringing it to the OUYA.

One of the details that is unclear is just how long That Dragon, Cancer will remain a OUYA exclusive… You can read Green's thoughts on making That Dragon, Cancer a OUYA exclusive here.

Source: Eurogamer


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