Neverwinter Marathon for Child’s Play Now Live on Twitch

MMO publisher Perfect World Entertainment passed along word that the Community team for its MMO Neverwinter will be hosting a 24-hour Neverwinter marathon live stream on Twitch to raise money for the Child's Play charity. The Neverwinter team will be going non-stop from noon (PT) on Tuesday until noon on (PT) Wednesday, running dungeons, hanging out with players, cracking jokes, and trying to stay awake.

More importantly, they will be encouraging viewers on the live stream to donate to charity in the hopes of giving Child's Play even more money to spend on buying sick children in hospitals games and other things to keep their minds off their illnesses.

In addition to showing off the new Fury of the Feywild content and hanging out with players, the Neverwinter team will also be giving away prizes, having "drop-ins" with one or two developers, and guest-starring other members of the Perfect World team.

Some of those giveaways include Fury of the Feywild Packs, Neverwinter promo chests with a Valindra statue and more, gaming mice and keyboards, Neverwinter T-shirts, and a few D&D board games.

You can find out more about this charity event by visiting Perfect World's Web site.

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