Petition Urges Riot to Uncensor the Word ‘Satan’ in League of Legends

A group of Satanists have petitioned Riot Games to uncensor the name of their favorite deity in the popular MOBA game League of Legends. They may have a valid point in calling it censorship of their religious views. In their petition they point out that other religious gods and deities are not censored such as Jesus, Allah, Zeus, Venus and God.

In the petition, which appeared on over the weekend, petition writer Beau Guthery wrote that that "They are blocking Satanists' right to freedom of religion by preventing them from using the name Satan."

The petition, which is directed at Riot Games and its CEO Brandon Beck, asks that the word "Satan" be unfiltered from the game:

"We who sign this petition just want to be treated equally," the petition reads. "Your own forum mods and employees say that you listen to the community of game players. Here we are, asking for you to make a small change in the game that would respond to our wishes and give us equality with players who already can select the god of their choice."

Guthery also claims that when a thread was made on the subject at Riot's forums, thread creators were told to "kill themselves" and to "burn in hell." They were also allegedly banned for asking about the filter.

"I did what riot support asked and I made a post about it and I was told to 'kill myself' and to 'burn in hell you atheist pig' and then I was banned forever and the post was removed. While the people who said those things are not banned. I am still not giving up I contacted support again about the ban and I requested someone who is higher ranking in the support reps to answer me about it. Staying strong! Even while riot is actively trying to stop me from speaking or saying anything."

The petition currently has 161 signatures. While it might be easy to make jokes about this, clearly Riot Games has made a decision to censor a word associated with a world religion.

Source: Gus Mastrapa


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