Poll: Who Should Buy Atlus?

Game developer and publisher Atlus is responsible for tons of awesome games from notable RPGs like Shin Megami Tensei, Etrian Odyssey and Persona to unique experiences like Catherine and the Trauma Center series.

As we've reported, Atlus' parent company Index is in trouble.  As such, it's been reported that 20 companies are interested in taking Atlus of Index's hands.  One of these companies is reportedly Sega.  The other 19?  We don't know.

So, who do you think should buy Atlus?  Do you think Sega would be a good choice?  How about Nintendo?  What about Sony or Square Enix?

Do you hate Atlus with every fiber of your being and want nothing more than to see it shuttered and its employees laid off?  Well, that's why Electronic Arts is an option in this week's poll.

Vote in the poll and then let us know in the comments who, if anyone, you think should pick up Atlus.  Tell us why.  Tell us your favorite Atlus games.  Tell us your ATM pin number!

As always, the poll results will be revealed on next week's podcast so get cracking.  Voting is your civic duty!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    hatofawesome says:

    Since Nintendo is already doing the crossover series Fire Emblem VS Shin Megami Tensei, I think they will be the best bet to sucessfully nab this company, and the best company to do so. My favorite games come from ATLUS and in the hands of SquareEnix, they would instantly throw it to the slaughter, EA wouldnt know where to start and Sony would probably remove most of the game titles from the 3DS and move it to the VITA wich is an awful system. Though I'd preffer ATLUS to be taken by a company that wouldnt stick their games on a single console system, Nintendo would be the guys to let ATLUS keep doing what they do and not mess with their work.

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    Sora-Chan says:

    Ideally for me, Atlus would become it's own entity. But if it were required to be bought to survive, then I would have voted SEGA.

    The reasoning behind this is thus…

    If Sony or Nintendo bought then, then that would remove Atlus from just about any other platform, and make it strictly exclusive. Sony MIGHT allow some of the games be released on PC, but that is still a iffy possibility. Nintendo would be Wii U/3DS exclusive only, which many titles Atlus does are on other platforms, such as the Persona series, which has been released mainly on Sony's consoles.

    That eliminates two, now for Square Enix… In my opinion, Square has their own issues to deal with right now, and don't need to be dealing with another asset. The FF team, while a pretty good powerhouse in production value, has, if I recall correctly, aren't bringing in the revenues that Square wants, despite selling millions of copies of their games.

    There is also rumblings in Edios in terms of layouts and rearrangements of staff, and all around just general of a mess. And basically all that takes Square off the list.

    And now, for EA……. Ptfff ha, yeah right. Do I really need to explain why EA should not be the buyer?

    There aren't many companies I would put into the Other category at the moment. Maybe Capcom, but they're currently going through what I saw SEGA went through a good portion of the 00's. They have also been on my bad side as of late in terms of their stance on Mega Man. Heck, from what I've seen so far, Nintendo has more of a interest in Mega Man than Capcom does. (Maybe they should consider licensing out Mega Man to Nintendo? Eh? Eh?)

    The reason why I would choose SEGA above the other companies, is cause they've appeared to come out of their funk. They got their eyes back on the goal, and seem to realize what they're doing now. Yes, there was that bit a while back where they were doing copyright claims on the Shining Force videos on Youtube (As TotalBiscuit likes to remind people). But they aren't the first, and definitely not the last company to do something like that. Also, their legal department doesn't quite define the games.

    …… Gez, just realized how much I put down. Didn't mean to have that much on the subject.

    If any of my points are wrong, let me know. Sometimes I mis-hear/read things, or don't recall correctly.

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    MaskedPixelante says:

    Sega is the only company that would let Atlus USA keep doing what they're doing. Though granted, more Nintendo stuff might get localized if they had Atlus USA's resources.

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