Call of Duty Ghost Multiplayer Features Female Soldiers

During a special reveal of multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Ghost at an LA event today, Infinity Ward revealed that it has added female models into the game. In addition to having the ability to play as a female soldier, the multiplayer offers dynamic events that affect gameplay and new moves such as knee slides, mantling, and contextual leaning. The game also adds 30 new weapons (including a new Marksman Rifle weapon class), 20 new killstreaks, 14 maps at launch, seven new multiplayer modes, and a new Squads mode that supports up to six players on a team.

The multiplayer modes discussed today include Squads mode, Cranked, and Search and Rescue. Squads mode offers Squad vs. Squad, Squad Assault, Wargame, and Safeguard play. In Cranked mode, when players die they get new abilities, but a countdown clock starts. If a player fails to get another kill before the timer hits zero, they explode. In Search and Rescue, players drop tags when they die but get revived if an ally pick up those tags – they die if an enemy picks them up instead.

Call of Duty: Ghosts also offers an all-new create-a-soldier and perk system. The CAS mode gives players over 20,000 possible combinations of body parts to create a soldier including heads, body types, equipment, and gender. A new perks system features enhancements grouped under multiple categories including Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, and Elite.

Source: GameSpot


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    GiffTor says:

    I'd have to disagree with you regarding the single player experience – I've played the heck out of it (and I was a holdout against actually getting into CoD for years because of the MP experience). That said, I definitely got sold on the MP experience (mainly by making liberal use of the "mute" button). While the SP experience isn't mindblowing re: story, I found it very surprisingly good. 

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    Longjocks says:

    I'm actually pretty much all about SP. I've only ever bought COD games for the SP. I don't touch MP in that game as I can't stand it, but many people do enjoy it so I see the value. And you can't argue with the sales figures.

    I haven't been able to justify buying for the SP for some time now because it's too expensive for 3 hours of entertainment which is essentially a copy/paste of the previous one. I still buy COD games, but I wait until they're under AU$10. That's a fair price to pay for a couple of hours semi-fun gameplay where you're just going through the ropes rather than being engaged in a game. But if the SP never existed and I never bought one again I'd not bat an eyelid, which is testament to how uninspiring it is (and I believe the first Black Ops game was the last one I bought).

    But my point is that the SP feels like a tacked on experience with no effort put into it. When this happens with MP in a game there's a lot of talk about it, however COD manages to avoid a lot of this criticism. Take the Latest Tomb Raider for example. It was criticised for tacked-on MP by press and gamers, yet it doesn't stop many from enjoying it. The same goes for the reverse with COD, but criticism seems to be far less.

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    Zen says:

    I never said it was a bad thing…or even anything new.  I was pointing out that even though what people have been asking for is happening, there will be people that pop up to complain about it.  My point was made when within TEN MINUTES of sites like IGN talking about the annoucement, they turned around and started to sensationalize the idea of a woman character being killed by any of the male players there.

    My wife had a good laugh about this when me and her talked about it because you never really know WHO is on the other side when you play someone, male or female, unless you talk directly to them…and even then you aren't doing any harm to an actual human being.  

    Of course after making the comment it is obvious people want to think I am making some horrible statement.  I also posted the tweet that I found when I originally made the comment about the points for killing the dog as well.

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    Bennett Beeny says:

    Newsflash: male players have been shooting female players since CoD had multiplayer. The only difference now is that people (not necessarily women) can play using female characters. Presumably many guys will take advantage of the inherent misogyny among some gamers by playing a female character, because the misogynists get all weird around boobs.

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    Samster says:

    Anita often gets associated with extremist and irrational views that she never actually presents herself. Attempting to discredit people by speaking for them and misrepresenting them through exaggeration is a fairly common, if sad, political tactic, I suppose.

    Personally I think it's great news that something so basic as a female player character in multiplayer is going to be available, but sad that it needs to be an afterthought for any modern game. This should be commonplace, not newsworthy.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    Now that I know that the dog is an enemy (just not a user controlled one) it makes sense that you'd get points for killing it as you'd get points for killing anything else.

    I don't know why shooting or knifing and enemy combatant in a video games is suddenly uncomfortable when its a female character.  That makes no sense to me.

    I don't know why Anita would have much to say about it from a feminist perspective unless she was speaking about gender representation in video games or examining why some are comfortable shooting male avatars but not females.  I could also see her weighing in if jerkwad gamers start harassing or ganging up on female characters once the game comes out.


    Andrew Eisen

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    Zen says:

    Love how pointing this out gets a downvote.  Whatever.  Here is the Tweet I read from Zac Minor (a producer at Rev3Games):

    Zac Minor ‏@zacminor 9h
    Just got +100 points for killing dog :( #CODGhosts

    As for the comment about someone complaining about shooting a woman, I realized that TEN MINUTES after IGN posted the news that woman would be in COD (which honestly…I'm fine with), they get 4 people together and post another video about how uncomfortable it is to stab and shoot a woman in the game.  

    Sorry it took me a bit to get back with that Andrew after bringing it up but I was running around all night and just got in lol.

    EDIT: Ironically, when I was listening to the IGN video about their discomfort with killing a woman in a game…they name dropped Anita as well saying they are now waiting to hear what she says about this topic.  Guess I wasn't alone in that question.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    "So how long before this becomes a new subject for Sarkeesian the MOMENT the first female player is shot by a male one…"

    Probably never.

    "I'm already seeing people complaining about getting points for shooting the dog."

    An odd complaint considering (last I heard) you don't play as the dog in multiplayer and you wouldn't get points specifically for shooting a dog anyway.

    EDIT: Lots of multiplayer news today.  So far as I can tell, you still can't play as the dog but you can call a dog in to follow you around.  I don't know if you can shoot the dog or not but if you die and your dog takes down the guy who killed you, you get a "Martyr Dog" achievement.  If dogs can kill you, I would assume you can shoot them but I don't know yet.  Also, no word on points or achievements for shooting dogs.


    Andrew Eisen

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    Zen says:

    So how long before this becomes a new subject for Sarkeesian the MOMENT the first female player is shot by a male one…

    I'm already seeing people complaining about getting points for shooting the dog. 

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    locopuyo says:

    Some people actually enjoy the COD single player campaign.  

    I mostly only played COD for the multiplayer but if my friends weren't online to play with I would  sometimes play through the campign because it actuaually was fairly entertaining.   

    I haven't actually liked any of the CODs since MW2 because of how much they lowered the skill cieling in multiplayer and basically just made it a game for noobs.

    However, my fiance enjoys playing through the campaign so I still buy them.  She plays through the campaign and I play an hour or two of multiplayer until I confirm that I don't like it.

    I wouldn't buy it if it didn't have single player.  I'm sure there are a lot of other people as well. 

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    Longjocks says:

    This is good to hear. At least they're trying to cater to their growing audience of MP gamers of both sexes.

    Although on a side-note, I don't understand why they still try to cling to producing the dodgy SP experience. Surely you're at a point you can admit COD is an MP game and not bother tagging on a 3 hour campaign which is just a copy of your previous ones? I mean, people seem to hate when poor MP is tacked onto a strong SP game, this just seem to be the reverse.

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