Call of Duty Ghost Multiplayer Features Female Soldiers

During a special reveal of multiplayer modes in Call of Duty Ghost at an LA event today, Infinity Ward revealed that it has added female models into the game. In addition to having the ability to play as a female soldier, the multiplayer offers dynamic events that affect gameplay and new moves such as knee slides, mantling, and contextual leaning. The game also adds 30 new weapons (including a new Marksman Rifle weapon class), 20 new killstreaks, 14 maps at launch, seven new multiplayer modes, and a new Squads mode that supports up to six players on a team.

The multiplayer modes discussed today include Squads mode, Cranked, and Search and Rescue. Squads mode offers Squad vs. Squad, Squad Assault, Wargame, and Safeguard play. In Cranked mode, when players die they get new abilities, but a countdown clock starts. If a player fails to get another kill before the timer hits zero, they explode. In Search and Rescue, players drop tags when they die but get revived if an ally pick up those tags – they die if an enemy picks them up instead.

Call of Duty: Ghosts also offers an all-new create-a-soldier and perk system. The CAS mode gives players over 20,000 possible combinations of body parts to create a soldier including heads, body types, equipment, and gender. A new perks system features enhancements grouped under multiple categories including Speed, Handling, Stealth, Awareness, Resistance, Equipment, and Elite.

Source: GameSpot


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