Kansas Supreme Court, Bar Association Promote iCivics

The Kansas Supreme Court and Kansas Bar Association announced support for promoting the use of retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's educational video games in schools to teach students lessons about civics. Both the court and the association for lawyers in the state are advocating for the use of O'Connor's iCivics to teach children how various branches of government work. iCivics features modular games including Power Play, where teams compete to win power for the federal government or the states, and a game called We the Jury, where players help decide court cases as a member of a jury.

Other iCivics mini-games include Drafting Board, which guides students through the process of producing an argumentative essay; Executive Command, where players spend one day in the shoes of the President; and Do I Have a Right?, which lets players run a law firm specializing in constitutional law. You can learn more about iCivics at http://www.icivics.org/.

An advisory committee associated with the state's highest court will promote the games during a new "Celebrate Freedom Week," which was mandated by the state legislature this year for public schools.

Source: The Republic

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