Funding Campaign Launches for Choice: Texas, a Game about Pro-Choice

An IndieGoGo fundraising campaign hopes to raise $9,250 to fund competition of a game about abortion rights in Texas called Choice: Texas. Choice: Texas is described by its creators as an interactive fiction game about abortion access in the Lone Star state, and will be made available for free online when it is completed. The game is the creation of Allyson Whipple (writer, editor, and poet) and Carly Kocurek (writer and cultural historian) with the help of illustrator Grace Jennings.

The money will be used to fund web development, including design and hosting services; the promotion of the game through conferences; payment for professional illustrations; and the rewards for campaign contributors.

Because this is a flexible funding campaign, the developers do not need to hit the top funding goal in order to receive whatever funding they do manage to raise.

Still, if this project interests you, you can help it get fully funded by visiting its funding page. Choice Texas has managed to raise $2,260 of its $9,250 Goal, with 30 days left to go.


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