GOG Courts Indies With New Portal

GOG.com has launched a new portal intended to entice indie developers to join its DRM-free PC games digital storefront. The new portal, found here, encourages indie developers to apply with GOG to have their games available for sale on the site. The site offers details on royalty splits and how developers who need a small investment can get some help from GOG.

According to the site, GOG takes 30 percent of a sale if no royalty is involved and 40 percent if a developer takes a royalty advance from the company. After that advance is paid back, GOG returns the royalty split to 30 percent.

The portal also details how GOG evaluates what games make it into the catalog:

"We'll tell you exactly what we think about your title. We know our users' tastes, and we do our best to present them with a selection of DRM-free games they'll enjoy," the site notes. "We review all submissions and pick those that offer the qualities our users value most, such as gameplay depth, originality, and a high level of polish."

"We will contact you directly to tell you how your title fits with those standards in our opinion. Whether we decide to accept your game or not, you will hear from us within two business weeks on average. We will never leave you without feedback!"

Finally GOG explains how it will market a game selected to appear in its catalog. It will run "a dedicated cross-media marketing campaign" featuring an "extra-large header banner and a front-page news article," as well as promotion through its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. GOG will also highlight a trailer from the game on its YouTube channel and feature it in its weekly video editorial.

Find out more at www.gog.com/indie.

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