Marcus Persson’s ‘0x10c’ Becomes a Community Project

Earlier this year Mojang co-founder and Minecraft creator Marcus "Notch" Persson said that he was having a creative block and that he would put his pet project, 0x10c, on hold. The game has remained on hold since that time, and during a recent Team Fortress 2 live stream on Twitch, Persson revealed that he has all but given up on developing the space-themed game inspired by Minecraft's aesthetics.

But there is a bit of good news for anyone that was interested in what Persson started: the community has picked it up.

"As soon as Notch said he was dropping it, a lot of the community were disappointed. Hearing Notch say there wasn't going to be a 0x10c on the livestream really shook people up," Redditor Nouht told US Gamer.

The community project for 0x10c to restart development is not being run for profit, and already has an organizational structure, head writer Shane Dalton claims.

"We just sort of looked at the project and were like, 'Okay. This is a community project now'," Dalton explained. "We're not using any of [Notch's] old code, his name or anything."

"We have Miles, who is the lead leader. Basically, he's managing all the programming," he added. "We're going to split it up into multiple departments later on but that's something we're planning to do once we've got some basic prototypes down."

Dalton went on to say that the group will be asking for donations to pay for server costs, but plan on releasing the game to the public when it is done "free of charge."

We're not sure – as of this writing – that this group has Persson's official blessing to resurrect the game, but he tends to play nice with the community when it comes to these sorts of things…

Source: Eurogamer


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