Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 65

On this week's show we talk about extreme developer harassment, GameStop's Xenoblade pricing, EA's Humble Origin Bundle, the latest poll from GamePolitics, and a whole lot more. Download Episode 65 now: SuperPAC Episode 65 (1 hour, 15 minutes) 69.3 MB.

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Episode Guide:

Intro – Andrew talks about My Little Pony and reveals if he is a "Brony" after watching two episodes of the newest show.

15:35 – Poll results on who should purchase Atlus.

30: 09 – Discussion about the Humble Origin Bundle and what EA really hopes to accomplish with it. Also, Disney Infinity feels the "Wrath of Eisen" (© 2013 Andrew Eisen).

46:15 – Andrew and EZK dig into GameStop's pricing on Xenoblade.

57: 41 – In the final segment Andrew and EZK dig into developers who have been harassed and threatened online quitting because of it and why the IGDA starting a support group for abused developers might be a good idea.


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