Game Dev Tycoon Coming to Steam August 29

Game Dev Tycoon is coming to Steam on August 29, according to independent game development studio Greenheart Games. The game allows players to create a video game start-up company in the 1980's and make it a successful enterprise by developing cutting edge video games. Players will have to design games, research new technologies, build custom game engines, manage office space, build out their development teams, and avoid pitfalls like piracy.

The last point is particularly interesting because the developer of the game made headlines earlier in the year when it released a version of the game on file-sharing sites that had a special defect: if you played the pirated version your game products within the game would suffer from large scale problems related to… piracy.

Game Dev Tycoon will be available on Steam August 29 for Windows and Mac at a discounted price of $7.99, 20 percent off the normal Steam price of $9.99. Players can also purchase the full game or try the demo at


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