Games Journalist Turns to Kickstarter for Bi-Monthly Web Show Funding

Writer Sophie Prell has launched a Kickstarter to fund a bi-monthly web show that focuses on video games, the people that make them, and the fans (who will get a chance to interact with the games industry in various ways). The show will be called "Sincerely Sophie" and will run two shows a month for ten months if she can meet her funding goal of $16,000.

Here's more from the Kickstarter page:

"I want to create a web show that will become your go-to source for games industry information, opinion, and lovable quirkiness (or at least your go-to source who isn't British for all that stuff).The show will be a bi-monthly production which focuses on the game industry, as well as the people and products within it. More than that, however, it would be a show about you, the gamer, and the people who make it a reality. Your questions, your desires, your direction."

Sophie Prell has been covering the games industry for around three years for various outlets including Dorkly, Destructoid,, the Penny Arcade Report – and most recently – Joystiq. You can learn more about this Kickstarter by watching the pitch video to your left or by simply visiting the Kickstarter project page.

As of this writing, the campaign has raised $1,635 of its $16,000 goal.

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