ESRB Rating Search App Updated

The ESRB has updated its video games rating search app in an effort to improve the information parents have access to when making decisions about the appropriateness of a purchase for their children. The ESRB recently expanded its rating system to offer more details on "interactive elements" associated with digital games and apps, such as the sharing of personal information, sharing location-based data with others, or the ability for users to interact, communicate, or share media like photos or videos.

More information on this kind of stuff and some other updates have been added to the app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. The updated ESRB Rating Search App now features "Interactive Elements icons" (descriptors) so parents can tell if an app or game "Shares Location," "Shares Info," or if "Users Interact."

The app also offers expanded search filters for finding games by their specific ratings, content type, or platform. And the app offers improved ratings summaries for retail games with "straightforward explanation(s)" of the content that "factored into a game’s rating."

The app is available on iTunes for iOS devices, Google Play for Android devices, Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone devices, and on Amazon.

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