Funny List of Banned Questions at Hotline Miami 2 Gamescom Booth

A photo of a hand-written sign outside the Hotline Miami 2 booth at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany is making the rounds this week (it first surfaced in this NeoGAF thread).

Basically, publisher Devolver Digital was (we assume) getting tired of answering the same questions over and over again, and simply decided to let anyone visiting the booth know that these questions shouldn't be asked, or wouldn't be answered if asked.

So what were some of the questions that the publisher was tired of answering? Here's a list.

"When is it out for PS4/Vita?"

"Why is it so hard?"

"Isn't it a bit violent?"

"Do you like hurting people?"

"Why do you call it a sequel when it is pretty much the same game?" – under that particular question they ask "Do you ask Activision that too? (EA, Ubisoft)"

"Which story is the true story, Jackets or Bikers?"

"Why is it in pixelgraphics?"

"Was 'Drive' a big inspiration for you?"

"Why are you drinking beer at 9:30 in the morning?"

"Can I take a picture of this?"

Obviously this is meant to be funny and irreverent, but it is kind of understandable why some of these questions just aren't worth spending the time to answer…

Hotline Miami 2 is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime this fall.

Source: Digital Trends


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