GameStop Predicts ‘Largest Console Launch in History’ This Holiday

Video game retailer GameStop claims it will have a "significant increase" in launch quantities for Xbox One and PS4 relative to last generation and expects the "largest console launch in history" this holiday season. This is all according to GameStop CEO Paul Raines and president Tony Bartel, who made the remarks in a conference call with analysts and investors to discuss Q2 FY2013 earnings for the company yesterday.

Raines was not bold enough to pick a winner in the holiday scramble to get one of the two next-generation consoles, saying only that expectations were high for both.

During the same call, GameStop president Tony Bartel said the company's launch allocations for the Xbox One and PS4 are "much stronger" compared to the last generation's systems, and that GameStop expects a "significant increase" in launch quantities for both platforms. He categorized those launch quantities as "unprecedented."

Bartel did not reveal pre-order numbers but did note that the PS4 "first to know" list currently has 1.5 million members, while the Xbox One list had around 700,000. Given Microsoft's change in position on a number of issues, we expect those numbers to even out.

Finally, Bartel said that it is going out of its way to make sure that store managers know how to operate both systems to better inform customers. Next week 4,400 store managers in the United States will receive hands-on training with both platforms.

"We will continue to be the most knowledgeable source for buying a new console and related games and accessories," Bartel said.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 will launch in November.

Source: GameSpot

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