EA’s Peter Moore on Free-to-Play, Games as Services, and More

In an Engadget interview that took place last week during Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore said that the company no longer ships games that are "offline."

Speaking at length with Engadget following his company's Gamescom 2013 press event, Moore said that EA's current dedication to online functionality in its games is unmatched:

"We don't ship a game at EA that is offline."

Moore goes on to talk about the importance of Gamescom and FIFA, its presence at Gamescom last week (by all accounts it was massive), how games are evolving into becoming more like services, and how – depending on where you live in the world – many of EA's top franchises have free-to-play offerings…

Electronic Arts has engaged in some practices involving "always-online" that have not sat well with gamers including the SimCity launch fiasco earlier this year. The company was also one of the first to institute an "online pass" system for console games, which charged used games buyers with a small fee in order to play a particular game's multiplayer modes.

Fan reaction to these practices have made EA rethink the way it handles both methods; EA said that the next SimCity game will offer an offline mode and it has ditched online passes altogether, with some within the company saying it was a "dumb idea."

You can check out the video to your left. Peter Moore is always entertaining to listen to even when he says things that our audience is vehemently against.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.


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    RedMage says:

    I continue to be astonished at how naive publishers are when it comes to how games that are online only or even online-dependant cripple their potential audience. This despite all the constant talk of games "broadening appeal". Let's run down the familiar list of what games like SimCity, Diablo 3, or consoles like the original Xbone excludes:

    -Huge chunks of the United States that relies on dial-up or crappy satellite for Internet

    -Entire countries with even worse broadband than the United States

    -People in the military (though Don Mattrick basically admitted he didn't care)

    -People living in authoritarian regimes like Syria where Internet throttling is common

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    GrimCW says:

    They don't ship any that are "offline" 100% but they do ship ones that play just as well (if not completely better) offline.

    MP isn't everything, and I wish the excessive emphasis on it would go away and bring back the good games.

    There was a time when MP was an add on just thrown in, now its the focus.. Or when it is just tacked on, its not even polished, its just thrown in to say "SEE WE HAVE IT TOO!!!"

    Most though seem to tack on an SP campaign instead *Cough*Battlefield 3*cough* or have begun to skimp on their once spectacular SP just to polish, but not advance, their MP *cough*CoD*cough*

    Or you have things like Dead Space where they design it to have co op… why does a game need to be designed for co op?! why, and how, will having regular old co op ruin an SP game?! ugh…. I'll give Halo props, 5 games and its SP still remains plain SP, and the Co Op doesn't alter a thing. No locked doors, no special side missions, etc… just good old fun with a friend playing the SAME game.

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