Report: GameStop Closed 52 Stores During Q2 FY13

During a recent conference call to discuss its fiscal year 2013 second quarter results, GameStop chief financial officer Rob Lloyd said that the retailer was operating 6,505 stores. The company also said that it added 13 new stores globally during the quarter. That means that during the second quarter which ended on August 3, the company closed right around 52 stores.

"We ended the quarter with 6,505 stores," GameStop chief financial officer Rob Lloyd said. "We opened seven and closed 46 in the U.S., and opened six and closed six internationally. We still expect to reduce our store base by about 2 percent this year."

This is not unexpected news of course; the company announced in February of this year that it would be closing an estimated 250 stores total in 2013, hoping to reduce its overall global footprint by 2 percent after closing stores, acquiring news ones, and consolidating some stores in locations where it made sense.

Source: GameSpot

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