Ubisoft: We Have Not Given Up on Wii U, PS Vita

In a recent interview with IGN, Ubisoft Executive director Alain Corre said that the company is not giving up on Nintendo's Wii U or Sony's PS Vita, and that he believes both platforms still have the potential to succeed with the right execution.

"We were very pleasantly surprised by Sony's last push on the Vita," Corre said. "Decreasing the price and investing a lot in new IP and trying to use the Vita as a second screen for the PS4, all of that gives a lot of advantages for the future of the Vita. We're watching that space and making sure that our PS4 games work on Vita, so the global experience on PS4 is even better."

Analysts believe that the recently announced price cut for the PS Vita to $199 in the United States and its usefulness as a companion device to the upcoming PlayStation 4 will help drive sales of Sony's long-struggling hand-held.

Corre also said that the Wii U just needs the right execution to "flourish."

"There are millions, tens of millions of fans of Nintendo brands," said Corre. "I'm sure you’ve played Mario Kart for hundreds of hours. I did too. There are so many great franchises that are still making people dream," Corre said. "We think these brands will stay with us. After that, it's up to Nintendo to make sure that the machine can reach as many consumers as possible."

"We all think that they'll be able to sell more machines in the future," he added. "They have some of the best IP in the world, and some of the best memories for their players. If you've played Smash Bros. in the past, you want to play the next one," he added. "So these brands have a future, for sure. It's up to them to work on more communication to get the machine into more hands."

At the end of the day it sounds like a commitment by Ubisoft for both platforms. Hopefully we will start to see more games from Ubisoft for both platforms this year and beyond. Both systems need all the support they can get at this point.

Source: IGN

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    Zen says:

    Yeah Ian, I ran into some of the same issues when I tried to play Little Big Planet 2 with the Vita…including being told I had to buy the Vita game to do it and finding out that wasn't actually the case (oh well, kids enjoy it lol).  But when it did work, I was really blown away with the "shooter" level where I used motion to move the ship on the Vita but my kids were playing in the ship trying to get the engine going and were directly effected by me being hit or how I was moving the ship.  Glad to see some creativity that is possible only with a second screen..now the devs just need to get on the ball!  

    I would like to see support grow for both systems because for as much as I LOVE the 3DS, I think any system needs good competition.  This lead to fantastic games on the Genesis as well as the SNES because there was a fight going on and we all benefited.  The Wii U I feel is making a turn around, but needs some more titles and some other help stat lol.  Glad to see a developer doubling down on both though. I gladly will support their titles on these two systems like with the upcoming Rayman Legends. Wii U for the house, Vita for on the go. Works for me. :)

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    IanC says:

    Problem with the second screen Vita thing is thats its already done with the PS3 on certain games, and its just plain poor with those games.

    LittleBigPlanet 2 is a good example, you need to copy a huge chunk of data to your Vita (500 MB) and then the connection is very dodgy, keeps cutting out, which thankfully pauses the game while it reconnects and despite the huge data sent over, its obviously just uses streamed video from the PS3 (you can compression artifacts) which makes you wonder what is in that data file?

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    GrimCW says:

    "trying to use the Vita as a second screen for the PS4"

    Ummm they've been trying to do this since the PSP with the PS2… didn't happen on PS3, and chances are lack of support will kill it on the Vita and PS4 :(

    The Vita is a beast of a handheld, but its waste of money rear touch, and lack of support from the start is killing it. You'd think they'd have learned from the PSP, but instead they're using the "Its the pirates fault WAAAAHHHH" excuse…

    Problem is, the PSP had to few games worth playing let alone pirating, so who'd have guessed….

    And the PSX support on it is TERRIBLE needing some crazy button/control combo's just to use the L2/R2

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