Nearly Blind Child Plays Nintendo With Her Family

Picture this:

Your young child wants nothing more than to play video games with you and the rest of the family but she's nearly blind and can't focus on anything more than a few inches from her face.  She can't see the game unless she puts her nose to the screen and you can't see the game when her head is blocking the TV.  What do you do?

Jeremy Powers, otherwise known around GamePolitics as Zen, shared an awesome story with us this morning.  Using the second screen of the Wii U, Jeremy's daughter Jennifer was able to play New Super Luigi U with her family using the GamePad as her own personal screen.  That's her in the picture.

New Super Luigi U supports up to five players simultaneously.  Four players use Wii Remotes to control Luigi, Blue Toad, Gold Toad and the nearly invincible Nabbit while a fifth player can use the GamePad's touchscreen, which simply displays what's on the TV, to place floating blocks around the level to help or hinder the other players.  According to Jeremy, Jennifer would occasionally place one of those blocks on accident when she bumped the touchscreen with her nose.

"People complain and argue that the GamePad is an unnecessary accessory on a system that is failing to launch fast enough," says Jeremy.  "They complained that the Wii Remote was too simple and could not allow for "proper" gaming.  Yet here I sit able to say that the Nintendo Wii U…with it's GamePad and ability to use the Wii's Remotes has led to me playing a game with my daughter directly for the first time."

Read the entirety of Jennifer's latest milestone right here.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Jeremy, here's a video of Jennifer playing New Super Luigi U with her dad and the rest of the Powers brood.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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