Nintendo Expects Five Million 3DS Sales in Japan

Nintendo expects sales of more than 5 million of its 3DS handheld console units in Japan this year, according to this Bloomberg report. Speaking at a Capcom event today in Tokyo, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also said that the company sold more than 5.5 million units of its 3DS last year. Nintendo expects global 3DS sales of around 18 million this fiscal year, up from 13.95 million last year.

To help do that, the company will turn to Monster Hunter 4 from Capcom (a big seller in Japan and America) and in October it plans to release a new Pokémon game. A new Mario Party title for the hand-held is also expected by year's end.

“There are more and more media reports suggesting that things aren’t going very well for the dedicated gaming hardware business,” Iwata said. “But that’s not true, at least for the 3DS in Japan.” The only other machine that topped annual sales of 5 million units in the country is the 3DS’s predecessor, he said.

Source: Gamasutra

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