Splash Damage Changes Name of ‘Dirty Bomb’ to ‘Extraction’

Developer Splash Damage has decided to rename its free-to-play PC action game Dirty Bomb to Extraction. Given how the NSA might put you on a special list for searching for the term "Dirty Bomb," we think that is the best move for both fans and the Brink developer. Splash Damage also announced a publishing deal for Extraction with Nexon for launch in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Extraction, which focuses on the aftermath of a terrorist attack on London (we assume using a dirty bomb), will be on "on-going service" and will not be "pay-to-win," according to Splash Damage. The company has not said how it fully expects to monetize the game, but it won't make money off any goods that give one player an advantage over another.

"Extraction will not be pay-to-win," the company said in a recent blog post. "We've always believed that multiplayer battles should be won through superior skill, and not the amount of money spent.

"You need to always be able to understand why you won or lost, with a welcoming community helping you improve your game and become a better player. That's what Extraction is for us, and Nexon is backing this vision all the way."

The company also said in the same blog post that the game will be playable at PAX Prime later this month. You can read more about that here.

Source: Eurogamer

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