Time Warner Cable App Available on Xbox Live

If you own an Xbox 360, have an Xbox Live Gold account, and happen to be a Time Warner Cable subscriber, then you'll be happy to hear that the official application for Microsoft's console is now available for download. The app allows Time Warner Cable subscribers to access live television programming via their Xbox 360. The app was announced in June by both companies.

The app supports Kinect voice and gesture controls, and offers a programming guide that can be sorted by genre, channel names, and show titles. There's also some listings in the guide that group music stations that are also available. App users can also see what their friends are watching through the app, if that is something you are generally excited about. 

Time Warner Cable is the third U.S. cable provider to offer its content through the Xbox 360; the Verizon FiOS app launched in December 2011, and Comcast released an app for Xfinity on-demand content in March 2012.

For the time being, the TWC TV app won't include Time Warner's video-on-demand content, but Microsoft says that it is working with the company to eventually make it available VOD into the app.


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    faefrost says:

    So somebody help clue me in here? You need to already have and be paying for Time Warner Cable, and have it hooked up to your XBox (and theoretically the TV it is attached to). And PRESTO! You can now watch TV through your XBox? As opposed to simply turning the XBox off and watching the TV you are already paying for? Am I missing some significant benefit to this gimmick? 

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