Humble Comedy Bundle Launches

The folks at Humble Bundle are adding a new kind of "pay-what-you-want" DRM-free offering: comedy. The Humble Comedy Bundle features movies, audio, and even a little animation – all DRM-free and for whatever price you want to pay.

The bundle features The Special Special Special by Maria Bamford (provided by, Live by Tig Notaro, My Name is Hannibal by Hannibal Buress, and Please Be Offended by Jim Norton. Pay more than the average and you’ll also receive Live at the Beacon Theater by Louis C.K., and Mr. P and Unreleased by Patrice O’Neal (who died in 2011).

Charities being supported with proceeds from this bundle include Child's Play and the EFF. It should be noted that this bundle contains mature content not suitable for all audiences…

You can find out more about the bundle by watching the video to your left, or by visiting


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