Nintendo Cuts Wii U Price by $50

August 28, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Nintendo announced that beginning on Sept. 20 it will sell its Wii U console for $299.99. The Deluxe edition of the console will sell for the aforementioned price and will include a black Wii U console, 32GB of storage space, the tablet-style controller, and a copy of Nintendo Land. The price cut is a few months before Sony launches its PS4 and Microsoft launches the Xbox One. The Basic system will no longer be manufactured. The price cut amounts to right around $50.

Nintendo also announced that it will launch a limited edition Wii U bundle featuring the HD remake of Wind Waker. The bundle includes the Wii U console, 32GB of storage space, a Zelda-themed Gamepad, a digital copy of the book Hyrule Historia, and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for $299.99.

Nintendo feels that this model for moving units combined with upcoming titles this holiday such as Super Mario 3D World and Wii Fit U (the same method it used to bolster sales of the 3DS) will really help the Wii U to be more widely adopted in homes around the world.

We'll see if it works when September's retails sales numbers roll in. Stay tuned.

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Re: Nintendo Cuts Wii U Price by $50

So far the only games I've really played on my Wii U are Monster Hunter and Nintendoland. While both were great, I'm very sad that I'm missing out on this special Wii U, as I'm a huge Zelda fan. T_T

Re: Nintendo Cuts Wii Price by $50

It has become far more palatable now than it was Yesterday. I just recently bought my PS3 when it was $250. So I might be able to squeak by with a $300 Wii U. Of course, my console buying is probably done for the year so I will probably wait for another $50 price drop.

Re: Nintendo Cuts Wii Price by $50

Called it months ago.

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Re: Nintendo Cuts Wii Price by $50

Still too expensive.


Andrew Eisen

Re: Nintendo Cuts Wii Price by $50

even before the price drop, it's still less expensive than the PS4 or Xbox One. and don't get me started on the PS3's "five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars" launch tag

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Re: Nintendo Cuts Wii Price by $50

That was my first thought. For what I would get out of it not worth that price. None of the games for it really interest me. I don't see much I can't find elsewhere. Besides the Nintendo gimmicky wii u controls.

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