Majesco Launches New Indie Label, to be Run by Former IGN Editor

Majesco has launched a new publishing label for indie games called Midnight City, headed up by a former public relations firm CEO and a former editor from IGN.

The Midnight City label launches with ten games, all of which will be on display at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend. Those games include Videoball from Action Button Entertainment, The Bridge by Ty Taylor, Blood of the Werewolf from Scientifically Proven, Krautscape by developer Mario von Rickenbach, Slender: The Arrival from Blue Isle Studios, Organic Panic from Last Limb, High Strangeness from Barnyard Intelligence Games, Super Rad Raygun: The Lost Levels from Tru Fun Entertainment, and Grapple from Tuesday Society Games.

The new label will be run by former IGN editor-in-chief Casey Lynch and former Reverb Communications and Reverb Publishing CEO Doug Kennedy.

"Over the years we have seen tons of really great games coming from smaller independent studios and our vision at Midnight City is to offer these games and development teams a wide range of services and support," said Lynch in a press release announcing Midnight City. "We're here to help with everything from first-party relations, QA, promotion and community building and to put a spotlight on the titles while freeing the development teams to focus 100 percent of their energy on building the best games possible."

You can get all the latest news on this new label by checking out its Facebook page.


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