Uwe Boll Launches Kickstarter for Postal 2 Movie

Filmmaker Uwe Boll is best known for his poorly received film adaptations of games including Postal, Blood Rayne, Far Cry, House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, Dungeon Siege, and many others. His films have almost always been universally panned and derided by critics, but that has never stopped Boll from continuing his career as a screenwriter, director and producer.

Well now Boll wants you to help fund his next movie – a sequel to Postal. The film, which was based on Running with Scissor's action game series, will tentatively be called "Postal 2," and will be a comedy with a ton of political themes. While he jokes a bit in the first part of his pitch to Kickstarter, here's what Boll says his movie will be about later in the update:

"POSTAL 2 will be a controversial comedy in which we take up current political issues. We take the biggest scandals of our democracy, like the happenings about Julien (sic) Assange and Edward Snowdon (sic) and show that there is no difference between our democracy and the prison camps in Russia or China. We show that through this massive monitoring our communication data is not safe anymore! We want to make a movie which is totally uncensored, pointed against everything and everybody, against every political party and every religion. There will be no survivors."

As of this writing the Postal 2 Kickstarter has generated $5,890 of its $500,000 goal from 129 backers. It still has 59 more days to go.

To learn more about the Kickstarter, watch the pitch video to your left, or visit the film's Kickstarter campaign page.

Source: Polygon

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  1. 0
    Kajex says:

    I hate Uwe Boll.


    Postal was a legitimately good videogame-based movie, not because it was a good movie overall, but because it was a good Postal movie. Everything that it is is -exactly- what Postal is. It's offensive, violent, mindless, stupid, pornographic, disgusting and embodies the sick-fuck lurking deep within the recesses of the human soul.

    And that's why it's awesome. :3

  2. 0
    Wymorence says:

    BAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *snort* gahahahahaaaaaa… *sniff sniff*

    Comedy gold from a man who wouldn't know comedy if it made a horribad movie about him. On the plus side it appears that whatever/whoever was giving him money for his movies has wizened up about him. On the down side, someone's actually pledged $1,000 towards this (extremely likely) bomb of a movie idea.

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