Frontier Developments on Dynamic Achievements and Charity in Upcoming Zoo Tycoon

Frontier Developments is fascinated with how Microsoft is changing the Achievements system for Xbox One games to be more dynamic and allow for new ways of rewarding players for completing milestones in games.

The new system allows for Achievements to be modified, updated and added after a game is released. This flexibility allows developers to add more Achievements after a game is released, which can take into account what players are doing in these games. One of the ways that Frontier Developments will utilize this new system is by tying game activity to rewards that benefit charities related to zoos throughout the world and wildlife.

"Take for example the recent Rhino killings in Nairobi Park – we could set a community based achievement asking players to save 10,000 rhinos, and when unlocked money would be given to the park or a related charity," noted Jonny Watts, CCO at Frontier Developments.

Watts tells Gamasutra that Frontier plans to use this dynamic achievements system by introducing charity-based incentives to make earning achievements more rewarding for players – likely based on real-world animal-related events. The way it would work is simple enough: for every player who unlocks each specific achievement, money would be donated to a related cause.

Watts says this is more than just some one-off token gesture and that it will be something they really put some effort into:

"This isn't just a token gesture," Watts said. "Microsoft are investing a substantial pot of money [into these charity donations]. They are really behind us with this."

Source: Gamasutra


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