Plants vs. Zombies 2 Downloaded Nearly 25 Million Times Since Launch

PopCap's latest entry in the popular Plants v. Zombies series on iOS is very popular. According to the company, the free-to-play Plants vs. Zombies sequel has been downloaded nearly 25 million times since its launch on August 25. PopCap claims that this represents more than the total lifetime downloads for the original Plants vs. Zombies. Of course, being that this game is free-to-play and the original costs $20, you can kind of see why this one might be more widely enjoyed (people like free stuff).

PopCap also released some other interesting stats on how people are playing the game including the fact that nearly 39 billion suns have been generated by players; 5.4 billion zombies waves have been generated; 10 billion plants have been planted by players; and 81 million hours have been played to-date.

Pretty impressive.


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