Star Citizen ‘Hangar Module’ Released to Backers

Legendary developer Chris Roberts and the development team at Cloud Imperium Games have announced that – as promised to its Kickstarter campaign supporters – the first playable area in the space sim Star Citizen has launched. The "Hangar Module" is an area of the game where current backers of the game can walk around and admire all the ships they've purchased for the game in a 3-D hangar created completely in-engine. The Hangar Module officially launched overnight for all backers of the crowd funded project, and it is the first in a series of modular releases that the development team will roll out as they design the game.

"In creating a project of this size and scope in a traditional sense, you wouldn't get a chance to play the game until it reaches late alpha or beta stage," said Cloud Imperium CEO Roberts. "By creating modules in this fashion, our backers get a chance to jump in and enjoy the world much earlier. Soon we'll be adding a Dogfighting module, a Planetside module and more. Eventually we'll weave them together to make the world that will be Star Citizen."

"Our backers have invested a lot of their time and resources to Star Citizen," said Roberts. "This will be their first chance to experience a portion of the game that ultimately will find its way into the final game. Some of the fans have purchased multiple ships and now they'll be able to see most of them in their own hangars. The next step will be launching those ships and dogfighting. But for now they can customize their ships, walk around them, jump into the cockpit and even purchase a few surprise items to outfit their hangars. And all of it will take place in the game engine."

To experience the new Hangar Module, you have to be a Star Citizen backer. Even though the Kickstarter campaign has long since been over, Cloud Imperium is providing alternate methods to get in on the funding action at its web site. You can find out more information at

Star Citizen kicked off a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter way back on October 10 of 2012. Since that time Roberts' company has raised more than $16.7 million from backers all over the world through Kickstarter and a separate crowd funding initiative on its web site.


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