Gone Fishing (Not Really)

September 2, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

You may have noticed that we are not actually in the office today - we are enjoying a lovely Labor Day holiday instead. We will be back tomorrow with "bells on," as the old saying goes (whatever that means). In the meantime this is a good opportunity for you to share what it is you are doing on this day off from work or as the last day off before school or college starts anew for many of you (if you do not have today off then I apologize on behalf of whomever you work for).

For example, I'm spending my day playing through Nippon Ichi Software's latest JRPG Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, trying to tame tyrants, overlords, angels, and demons. They are an unruly brood when they all get together…

It will be business as usual tomorrow. We'll see you then (no one has actually 'gone fishing,' for the record).

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Re: Gone Fishing (Not Really)

I'm commissioned to write the IGN wiki guide for Pokemon Rumble U so I'll be working on that for most of the day.  Unfortunately, that leaves little time to work on my YouTube stuff and my newest video needs another script polish.

I know which project I'd rather work on but I have to prioritize the one that helps pay the bills!


Andrew Eisen

Re: Gone Fishing (Not Really)

Well, you have successfully made me second guess getting that game for the kids so I guess that was a...win...maybe?

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