Report: Sony to Reveal Custom-Built VR Headset for PS4 at TGS

It looks like PlayStation 4 owners won't have to worry about Sony ever considering support for Oculus Rift because the company is working on its own VR headset. According to CVG, Sony will reveal the last bit of its hardware strategy for the PS4 at the Tokyo Game Show by revealing its own custom-built virtual reality headset.

CVG claims that Sony had planned on revealing its custom-built VR headset hardware at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany last month, but plans to do so "fell through at the eleventh hour."

A game developer familiar with Sony's plans who wished to remain anonymous, told CVG that Evolution Studios is currently working with the device to simulate a cockpit view on its upcoming PS4 title Drive Club. Another anonymous developer told CVG that the headset resembles the 3D headset that Sony first revealed in January 2011.

The new VR headset will be a separate purchase like the PlayStation Eye device to keep the system at a price point $100 less than Microsoft's Xbox One.

The device will put Sony head-to-head with Oculus Rift, which has managed to garner a lot of industry support in the last few months, but a rumored partnership between the Oculus Rift makers and Sony might put that talk of "rivalry" to bed.

More info when we have it.

Source: CVG


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