Go Down Gambling: Senator Plays Online Poker While Senate Debates Bombing Syria

While the U.S. Senate debates on whether to give President Barack Obama the authority to bomb Syria (which some in the Administration say the President doesn't need anyway), one Senator was caught by a New York Daily News reporter finding a little distraction on his iPhone.

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain later told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that, while he gives his colleagues rapt attention when debating issues of importance like the situation in Syria, sometimes he gets a little bored. He dealt with his boredom by playing some online poker.

He later joked that he lost "thousands of dollars" in that game, which Blitzer thought was "real money," but McCain said that it was a hit to his in-game virtual fortune…

A video of the Senator playing an unidentified online poker game can be seen to your left.


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    ecco6t9 says:

    It is sad to watch him slowly slide into dementia.

    But through this tragedy we can take away having all elected officials take a competency test to make sure they are of sound mind to make decisions that affect our country. 

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    CMiner says:

    Tedious though it surely is, one would hope that the consequences of the debate's decision (i.e. the potential taking of human lives) would warrant more attention.


    Edit: Though it seems I may have misread the article, since he claims that he gives full attention while the Syria debate is happening.

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