You Can’t Beat the Classics

Want to class up that video game collection? Well New York City-based Etsy store Jamesbit may have an item that you'll find particularly useful. JamesBit sells custom covers for video games that look like classic novels. You could use these covers to class up your pad or to hide your video game collection in plain sight from people in your life who disapprove of games (like out of touch relatives).

The design is similar to the classic line of books published by Penguin Publishing, and are available for console system discs, as well as PC, Mac, DVDs and Blu-rays.

The covers are customizable, and printed at home via a PDF file created by the company and sent to the customer. They cost $6 for 3 covers of your choice, while larger custom orders discount the price to $1.49 each.

As of this writing the item is listed as "sold out" and that a new design is "coming soon."

Source: PSFK

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