Hotline Miami 2 ‘Sexual Assault Scene’ Pulled from Demo

A scene that contained "the shooting of a scene involving a sexual assault" has been removed from the demo for Hotline Miami 2, after public outcry. Dennaton Games' Denis Wedin tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that the opening scene was not put in the game to disgust or alienate people, it was to point a finger at how Hollywood is handling horror movie remakes these days.

"We were really sad that some people were so affected by it, because maybe they had been through something like that of their own," Wedin says. "Maybe they had a terrible experience of their own that was triggered by the game. That was not intentional at all. We didn't add the scene just to be controversial. There is a meaning to these two characters. There's a lot more to them than just this scene."

The scene in questions features the main character in a film called the "Pig Butcher" on top of a terrified woman. Just after he drops is drawers the director of the faux film within the game yells "cut!"

Wedin goes on to say that a recent trend in horror movie remakes is to "take the next step up" and make them even more exploitative and gratuitously violent than the originals, just for the sake of being controversial. Hotline Miami 2's use of the scene was the developer's way of offering a commentary on this Hollywood trend .

The scene has been removed from the demo, but Dennaton hopes to refine the scene and its message for the full game.

You can hear more thought from the developer on this subject in his RPS interview.

Source: Joystiq


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