Round of Layoffs Hit Irrational

BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games has confirmed that a round of layoffs has hit the studio. Kotaku reports that around eight employees were laid off this week.

"In an effort to streamline our processes I am sad to confirm that we let go a total of eight employees today," a representative told Kotaku. "Any studio's greatest asset is the group of people that make up the whole, and as such it was extremely hard to make this decision and there is never a good time for this to happen. As co-workers and friends, we wish them the very best."

Irrational is currently working on the two-part Burial at Sea DLC add-on, which takes protagonists Booker and Elizabeth to the underwater setting of Rapture, which was where the first game took place. The first add-on, Clash in the Clouds, was released in July.

Irrational said that this round of layoffs will have no affect on the development of the DLC in any way. The company did not disclose if those affected by the layoffs were full-time employees or contract help brought in to work on Infinite or the various DLC projects.

Source: GII

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