Jinni Chosen as Xbox Video Discovery Engine

Jinni has inked a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to enhance entertainment discovery on Xbox video game and entertainment systems including the Xbox 360 and the upcoming Xbox One releasing in late November. Jinni is described by its creators as a "taste-and-mood based engine" that enables entertainment discovery using "content genetics" and an understanding of user preference analytics.

This software technology will be rolled into Microsoft's various entertainment services to help push users towards popular entertainment offerings available through Xbox Live and to improve the platform's "recommendation system."

"Creating the most amazing entertainment experience means always putting the customer experience first," said Dave Alles, Xbox General Manager. "Our goal is to make it effortless to get you to entertainment you’ll truly love. Pairing Jinni’s Entertainment Genome™ with other key advances such as Conversational Understanding, makes finding something to watch on Xbox as fun as watching it."

For more information on the system's particulars, you should check out www.jinni.com.

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