Professional StarCraft Player Joins Artillery

StarCraft professional player Sean "Day9" Plott has joined a video game development studio. He has joined Artillery as its new "Head of Games," along with  co-founder Eric Burkhart who will serve as "Head of Growth." Plott and Burkhart join Artillery’s lineup of  developers who previously worked at such companies as Google and Facebook. The goal of the studio is to "transform the browser into a gaming console" using HTML5.

Plott is a former professional StarCraft player and an eSports commentator for several high profile eSports tournaments worldwide. He has legions of fans. In his new role as "Head of Games," Plott will provide leadership in the development of Artillery’s first game title and expertise on community building.

He and Burkhart are also co-founders of Day9TV, an interactive media company that produces content for "serious gamers." The flagship program, 'Day9 Daily' is an internet television show streamed live Monday through Thursday covering competitive StarCraft strategies and the eSports scene. The show is viewed more than 5 million times a month.

The startup is backed by investment from Lowercase Capital, First Round Capital, Signia Capital, Crunch Fund, a16z seed, and General Catalyst Partners.

You can learn more about the company at

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