The Resurrection of Battle Isle

Blue Byte Software's Battle Isle series is making a come-back, but it won't be handled by Blue Byte Software and it won't happen (at least as quickly) without some of your money. A new game is being developed by Stratotainment and Thomas Hertzler, the co-founder of Blue Byte. Hertzler sold the company to Ubisoft in 2001. Blue Byte is best known for the Battle Isle series, the spin-off Incubation series, and it's most popular franchise, The Settlers.

The original Battle Isle series were turn-based strategy games set on a fictional planet that used a hex-based map and combat system similar to what was used in classic war games of the 80s and 90s. The new game is set in an alternate Earth after World War II where alien invaders force the countries of the world to work together to defeat a common foe. The game is called Battle Isle: Threshold Run, and is being developed for iOS devices.

The game features a number of different factions: an elite German military force called the GSK (who do all the fighting, for some reason); the Allies (Britain, the US and France, who provide support for the GSK); the United Nations (in the game the UN is a combination of the UN and NATO); and pesky invading aliens.

Battle Isle: Threshold Run promises over 20 campaigns, bonus missions to improve your armory, gameplay that is highly replayable, WWII era units (including advanced prototypes based on historical data); alien technology based on "plausible engineering and science," a free movement system, and seamless air, land and sea combat. Hertzler and company are using a custom built game engine called Battle Isle-Integrated Command System (BI-ICS) for the game to make unit movement more fluid and open ended.

"Now that we are in alpha, I am really excited to see the game come together. I think gamers will appreciate the way we are re-designing the land and air battle spaces," Hertzler said in a statement today. "For instance, while the ground forces are slugging it out in the dirt, you can have dog-fights in the sky. We are using the Battle Isle Integrated Command System, or BI-ICS, to create a bridge between land and air so that both can affect each other. This unique system allows us to bring units from different military branches together without restricting their abilities."

Stratotainment is seeking $75,000 to further polish the game and bring it to market by the fourth quarter of this year. If the campaign makes it to $135,000 Stratotainment will bring the game to Windows PCs and Mac OS X.

For more information on Battle Isle: Threshold Run, visit, or check out the pitch video featuring alpha footage to your left. You can find the Kickstarter campaign page here.

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