2013 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge Winner ‘Love in the Dumpster’ Released

Jennifer Ann’s Group has released the top award-winning video game from its 2013 Life. Love. Game Design Challenge. The first place winning game is Love in the Dumpster by Jean Hehn of Belgium-based developer Another Kind. Love in the Dumpster is the fourth video game to be released from the 2013 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge and is free to play to increase awareness about teen dating violence.

The 2013 Life.Love. Game Design Challenge competition was launched to create games that raise awareness about teen dating violence. The games were designed specifically to appeal to students for "self-paced exploration of the issues surrounding dating abuse."

"I discovered the contest on Kotaku in 2010. I read about what happened to Jennifer Ann Crecente and was touched and saddened by that story, but also impressed by Drew's will to prevent anyone else from living such a tragedy," said Hehn. "I thought using video games to convey a message to teenagers was clever, it was a positive use of video games and also seemed like it could be a very effective way of providing information and raising awareness about abusive relationships. And so I decided to participate in the contest."

Hehn said that the goal of Love in the Dumpster was to create a game that wasn't "too preachy or too obviously trying to teach you something," while still "delivering the message efficiently."

"I tried to write an engaging story and dialogues and included two main characters (of both genders) to try and have people relate to them, and also show that both genders can be victims," Hehn added. "My only hope is that my game can someday somewhere help someone realize they might be in an abusive relationship and do something about it before it's too late."

Love in the Dumpster is available for free via your favorite web browser at bit.ly/LoveDumpster. It will be released on iOS and Android devices "soon."

Jennifer Ann's Group was founded by Drew Crecente, father of Jennifer Ann Crecente, a high school senior murdered by her ex-boyfriend on February 15, 2006. Today is Jennifer Ann's birthday.

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