Kickstarter Launches for Neo's Land, an MMO Built By Players

September 9, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

A new Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign has an interesting pitch: help fund an MMO universe built with a high level of input from players. Not only will players have a say in how the fantasy MMO will be built, the creators of the game claim that they are already helping to build out some of the content. The game is called Neo's Land, and it is being developed by Calgary-based game studio NeoJac Entertainment. In its pitch to secure $100,000 in funding for the game, the studio claims that players will be directly involved in the creation of the game leading up to its launch.

"We are listening intently to what our fans would like to see in an MMORPG," said NeoJac CEO Jacques Rossouw. "We are holding regular roundtable discussions with our fan base and they are dictating to us what they'd like to see in terms of an economy, combat, crafting, housing and more for Neo's Land."

Neo's Land utilizes the studio's proprietary server engine, Atavism Online. NeoJac claims that this technology will provide players with server world building tools that will allow them to create an online world and accompanying storyline.

"Integrated with the Unity 3D engine as a client, even those with no experience in game development will be able to log straight into a world of their choosing and customize it by placing trees, buildings and non-player characters (NPCs) with ease," says Rossouw. "We are literally giving our players the keys to the proverbial car. We think that's something that is unique even by today's new game development standards."

The studio goes on to say that it has been working on this engine for a few years and that - at its current stage of development - all that's left is building out the systems for the game world. The system also includes a voxel editor that allows players to customize dungeons and access to crowd sourced assets through the Unity Store.

For more information about Neo's Land, go to To back the Neo's Land Kickstarter, check out its Kikcstarter campaign page.


Re: Kickstarter Launches for Neo's Land, an MMO Built By Players

I thought we already had an MMO whose developers let players determine the content - it was called 'Star Wars: Galaxies'. The problem with that game was that developers had a vision, but they sacrificed bits of it every time a player complained. The result was an MMO no one wanted to play.

NeoJac is off to a great start. I mean the very title "Neo's Land" sounds like a title designed by people who have no clue about how to build a game.

I realize it's thinking inside the box, but how about game developers put their faith in people who actually know how to design games rather than asking Joe Sixpack to do it.

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