Nintendo: Over 1,000 Indie Developers Interested in Developing Games for Wii U

According to Nintendo's manager of business development Dan Adelman, over one-thousand indie developers have expressed interest in developing for the Wii U. During the Game Developers Conference in March of this year, Nintendo launched a new Wii U developer website ( that allowed smaller, independent studios to register their interest in making games for Wii U. Adelman revealed the numbers during a recent interview with GameSpot. He described the response from indie developers as "overwhelming."

"We've gotten probably over 1,000, I don't know if we've hit 2,000, developers with really wide-ranging levels of experience," Adelman said. "We've got some who have recently left their jobs in mainstream publishers and are starting a new company, or have been indies for a while. All the way to high school students who are thinking of getting into game development and want to know more about it."

"So one of the challenges is going through and it's ultimately a resource allocation issue at that point," he continued. "We want to support everybody, so how do we do that in the most effective manner and how do we prioritize in just making sure that… our intent is to support everyone, really. The underlying philosophy is that if you can make a game on our systems, we want to find a way for you to be able to do that."

Last month Adelman confirmed that 20-30 more indie games would be coming to Wii U by the end of 2013. A recent Wii U indie video presentation released by Nintendo showcased 18 upcoming indie titles in the works from Australian and European developers.

Source: CVG

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