Report: G4 Brand Not Being Replaced By Esquire, But No Future Investment Planned

September 10, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

G4 Network is dead. There's no denying that fact. Turn on the network and all you see is Cops and Cheaters re-runs, American Ninja Warrior, and Campus P.D. these days. The shows that made the network great have been canceled and the people who made those shows are working somewhere else now. I say all these horrible things because today's news about the network not being rebranded as The Esquire Network is no reason to have any hope that it will somehow be returned to its former glory.

According to a Hollywood Reporter story, NBC Universal will rebrand the Style Network as the new home for the Esquire Network. The Esquire Network launches on September 23 and will take the spot of the Style Network on all line-ups for major cable providers in the U.S. NBC Universal announced way back in February that G4 would become the Esquire Network on April 22, with a focus on attracting a "more educated, affluent, sophisticated" male viewer. Apparently the company changed its mind...

So why did NBC Universal decide to keep G4 on life support? Most likely it was more concerned with Style, which is a lot like many of its other network properties. By replacing it with Esquire, the company can take aim at a completely different demographic.

But it looks like G4 will simply remain on autopilot for the foreseeable future, with no new programming or any plans for future investment...

Author of the report Lacey Rose later said on Twitter, "Worth noting: G4 will stay as is for the foreseeable future, but don't expect investment in programming, etc. Esquire is the focus."

Source: GameSpot


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Re: Report: G4 Brand Not Being Replaced By Esquire, But No ...

So it has finally come, an end of the era. I had fond memories of G4, back when they were called TechTV.


I would tune into the ScreenSavers, With Patrick Norton and Leo Laport. I enjoyed the old "Extended Play" with Adam Sessler that ran forever it seemed. But sadly, eternity came to an end.


Oh TechTV, how I pine for thee?

How I wish you could come back and wisper sweet tech in my ear.

But alas it twas not meant to be,

For all things that Start must End,

But in all Ends there are new beginnings. ah yes,

How she whispers the sweet, sweet tech of my youth.

My heart is again filled with joy.

I may be crazy, but I am not insane.
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