Playmob Details Peace Games Live Event

Playmob has revealed the first details on its Peace Games Live initiative, taking place – appropriately enough – on "Peace One Day," the annual day of global unity on September 21. Playmob's mobile platform enables gamers to give to global causes while playing their favorite games.

On that day Playmob will be running Peace Games Live, a 24-hour live stream event designed to raise funds for worthy causes on Twitch. Funds raised by this event will go towards providing vaccinations for children in war torn regions, education around peace, and for raising awareness of the movement.

Peace Games Live will be directly broadcast from the UKIE London Office and streamed globally through Twitch TV. The event will be structured like a telethon, where Peace Games Live will encourage donations to its charity page by providing featured content from competitions, podcasts, and competitive gaming shows.

Look for it Sept. 21 on Twitch.


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