Daily Telegraph Jumps on the ‘Let’s Blame Video Games’ Bandwagon

Not to be left out of the "let's blame video games for every mass shooting that happens" narrative being pushed by American cable news outlets like MSNBC and Fox News, UK paper The Daily Telegraph offers an article on how Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis was "obsessed with video games." The title of the article? "Aaron Alexis: Washington navy yard gunman 'obsessed with violent video games.'"

Drawing from the same source as other reports this morning, The Daily Telegraph (which is notorious for its anti-video game news stories) claims that "Aaron Alexis played violent video games including Call of Duty for up to 16 hours at a time and friends believe it could have pushed him towards becoming a mass murderer."

Alexis was shot dead on Monday after killing 12 people at Washington's Navy Yard.

The Telegraph claims that Alexis's "addiction to violent video games and guns was at odds with his devout commitment to Buddhism, which saw Alexis spending half the day every Sunday meditating at the Wat Busayadhammvanaram temple in Fort Worth, Texas over a period of several years."

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Oui Suthamtewakul from Fort Worth, Texas described Alexis "playing zombie video games."

The darker side to Alexis's character saw him playing violent "zombie" video games in his room, sometimes from 12.30pm until 4.30am.

Mr Suthamtewakul said: "He could be in the game all day and all night. I think games might be what pushed him that way. He always had this fear people would steal his stuff so that's why he would carry his gun all the time. He would carry it when he was helping out in the restaurant which scared my customers."

It has not been confirmed that Alexis actually played video games, save the account from his one friend in Forth Worth, and there's no proof that he regularly played Call of Duty. But even if he did, given his age it wouldn't be a leap of faith to assume that because that's what normal men his age do. How his playing games factors into him killing 12 people would be like trying to figure out how being a Buddhist or living in Texas factored into the shooting spree.

Source: Daily Telegraph


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