John and Brenda Romero Join University of California at Santa Cruz

The University of California at Santa Cruz has hired Brenda and John Romero to lead a new program that inevitably earns students a master's degree in games and playable media at the school's Silicon Valley Center. Brenda Romero was appointed as the school's first game designer in residence at the Center for Games and Playable Media in January 2013.

Beginning today she will serve as program director overseeing curriculum and instructors, teaching and mentoring students, and establish connections with the video games industry. John Romero will serve as creative director of the master's program at UCSC. He will be teaching courses, mentoring students, and helping shape the creative vision for the program.

Both Romero's work at Loot Drop, alongside Tom Hall. John Romero and Tom Hall have worked on such hit franchises as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake.

"In creating games, I look for innovative ways to explore spaces and game mechanics, doing things other games have not done," John Romero said. "In working with UCSC, my goal is to push students toward innovation while working on my own new indie projects alongside them."

Source: GameSpot



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