MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Insults Our Mothers

MSNBC personality Ed Schultz has been insulting our intelligence with his show on TV and radio for years, but now he's taking aim at your mom. In a segment that aired this week, while holding up a copy of Grand Theft Auto V, he suggested that anyone who would let their kids play the game is a bad parent. Naturally Andrew Eisen thought he'd call his mom to get her reaction.

The results are quite funny, but what Ed Schultz said is no laughing matter because it fits into a narrative that is being pushed by both liberal and conservative pundits on television, talk radio and in the op-ed pages of major newspapers: that video games are bad for children and that there is research somewhere that shows a direct link between playing them and killing people in the real world. That research does not exist, but they say this without the research to back it up anyway.

Aggression is always used as a descriptor, but people in general get aggressive after doing a LOT of other things. Some people get aggressive after playing a few minutes of their favorite sport, while driving, or doing countless other activities. Aggressiveness and competition go hand in hand in many activities, but it doesn't make us all killers.

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