Publicity Stunt to Promote GTA V Almost Gets Ugly

A publicity stunt by several Micromania employees in Montargis (a town south of Paris, France) to celebrate the launch of Grand Theft Auto V led to a frenzy of law enforcement agents who thought something real was going on. The employees dressed up as criminals complete with face masks and toy guns. But according to newspaper La République du Centre an observer who thought something "real" was occurring alerted police. Police responded by sending 15 heavily armed officers to the scene.

Police handled the two without harming them, but told the newspaper that things could have gone off the rails:

"It could have ended very badly," the officer said.

No word on if the employees are facing any charges.

Grand Theft Auto V launched on Tuesday and has been the subject of a few odd incidents including a Staten Island trio who pretended to be police offers in order to avoid standing in a line to get the game, and a man in the UK who was mugged after purchasing the game…

Source: Polygon

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