Publicity Stunt to Promote GTA V Almost Gets Ugly

A publicity stunt by several Micromania employees in Montargis (a town south of Paris, France) to celebrate the launch of Grand Theft Auto V led to a frenzy of law enforcement agents who thought something real was going on. The employees dressed up as criminals complete with face masks and toy guns. But according to newspaper La République du Centre an observer who thought something "real" was occurring alerted police. Police responded by sending 15 heavily armed officers to the scene.

Police handled the two without harming them, but told the newspaper that things could have gone off the rails:

"It could have ended very badly," the officer said.

No word on if the employees are facing any charges.

Grand Theft Auto V launched on Tuesday and has been the subject of a few odd incidents including a Staten Island trio who pretended to be police offers in order to avoid standing in a line to get the game, and a man in the UK who was mugged after purchasing the game…

Source: Polygon

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    Scott1701c says:

    Hey, I have a thought. It is a silly thought.


    Before doing a "Dress up to promote *insert here*" we stop and ask ourselves.  "If someone, who does not know what is going on here, were to drive by and see all this; what would their reaction be?"


    If I drove by and saw a bunch of mask-wearing people, even if they were not armed with weapons, I would call the police.

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    GrimCW says:

    Feel a need to note. I'm not saying in any way what the person who reported the one in the article were in the wrong. I'm actually glad they did as it shows they were concerned and paying attention to the area and trying to do the right thing.

    My case was one however of over zealousness at work. Know the limit, especially on your own part basically.

    While the rent-a-cops concern was genuinely in the right place (the paint markers look excessively realistic, and are mag fed like a real firearm.),so I'm kinda glad he did approach us, but he was a complete fool for carrying on as he had, making accusations, and holding us up, as well as reporting them as assault weapons after he found out they were in fact not. And I could've easily turned that on him as a result. But chose not too. 

    Not knowing your limit is almost as bad as just letting things go. But people getting carried away and getting in trouble for it is why most people won't report things they see/hear :(

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    GrimCW says:

    Kinda reminds me of an instance when I was in Buffalo NY awhile back.

    Was showing my new paintball marker to a buddy there, a RAP4/RAM4 tactical marker complete with big orange capped ends when a rent-a-cop from the nearby marina saw us.

    Now granted it was in a McDonalds parking lot, but i was as FAR from the facility as i could get and the lot was EMPTY. He insisted were were in some way preparing to assault the McDonalds.. ummm yeah that'd be the way to go right? Even tried claiming it had been held up recently… fell flat there cause my buddy, he kinda worked there and had no knowledge of any such thing.

    ANYWHO, you'd think this guy would've realized he was in over his head when his own partner walked off on him. But he called it in anyways. He took my ID (Military and License) and my buddies stuff (who's half pissing himself at this point), and ILLEGALLY frisked us on top of it all.

    About 15 min later (way more than enough time to have done any illegal deed if I were going too…) the police FINALLY showed up… In force! About 8 cars or more marked, and 3 unmarked.

    The Unmarked vehicles got right behind my car and the Detective wasn't even out of the door when he got back in and called off the others LAUGHING his ass off! So all but one unmarked vehicle and a single squad car left. They had to talk down the rent-a-cop there and he tried repeatedly to find things to get me on, such as I had empty .50 cal, and 20mm shells (in belt) in my car… I just got back from Iraq, and my command Master Chief was a Gunners mate. I picked the .50's off the deck during a practice shoot at some boxes, and my MC gnabbed the 20mm's from the Seawhiz on the tower.

    All empty shells.. But yeah, he tried it anyways. Took the officers another 10 or so min to talk this guy down. Meanwhile I showed off my paint markers too the officers (one of them even fired (dry, Had air in it but no balls) my Pistol one, a Rap17/RAM17 Glock looking one, and said it was similar to their training pistols. Thinking back to BC kinda, except we used larger cal air pistols for ours :p ) And even got my picture with the markers for the record heh.

    Granted I was goofing off and making fun of the rent-a-cop the whole time  as it were, and allowed it to play out just to mess with him. It was to funny for me to consider charges against him tbh, so yeah I let it go. He was humiliated enough. I did scold him at one point for kicking my $400 marker on the pavement… Even the Police handled them with greater care (and most what as one should treat something that fires projectiles of any sort)

    One last thing to toy with'em, he almost drove off with my military ID still in his truck.. theft of government property, thats a federal offense right there :p

    And yeah he was kinda peeved as I continued to laugh about it all. That glare! lol  Heard it made the papers the next day even. Wonder how it went over at his job, having overstepped his bounds by a long shot. 

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