Scottish Politicians Take Umbrage to Town Name Being Used in GTA V

Hawick (a town far to the south of Edinburgh, Scotland) councilor David Paterson says that a district in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V with the same name could hurt the reputation of the town. Speaking to the BBC, Paterson said that he was disgusted to learn that a "druggie hipster" district is named after his town:

"I am absolutely disgusted–there is a lot of history and a lot of good things happening in [Hawick]," he said. "We have got a lot of good things planned for this coming year," he added, and that the inclusion into GTA V "is going to destroy the good reputation of the town."

"Why did they pick on Hawick?" he asked. "It is a lovely town."

The councilor went on to say that this bothered him because he knew that millions of people would purchase the game, and that "they might perceive Hawick in a bad light and Hawick is a lovely place–a lot of people are very, very proud of Hawick."

Rockstar North is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland – far north of Hawick, which lies on the Scottish border to England.

John Lamont, a Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) representing the area, also chimed in, urging Rockstar North producers to visit Hawick.

"I, like many other Hawick residents, was shocked to hear that the name of the town had been used in Grand Theft Auto V," said Lamont. "Not only is it a game which includes violence, sex, and drugs, but the game's producers themselves describe the area of Hawick in the game as having a 'drug addict hipster vibe.'"

"While some may take the view that any publicity is good publicity, I am sure that many local residents will see this as an insensitive move from Rockstar North," he continued. "The game undoubtedly portrays Hawick in a bad light and is likely to sell tens of millions of copies over the next year. "They clearly do not know Hawick well, and that is why I have invited them to meet with me at my office on the town's High Street."

Lamont added that "Hawick is one of the most beautiful towns in Scotland" and that if the producers of the game visited the town and learned of its history, they would realize they had made a mistake in how they used the name in the game.

Source: BBC by way of Polygon

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