Staten Island Trio Impersonate Police to Avoid GameStop Line for Grand Theft Auto V

Three men from Staten Island were so excited to get their copy of Grand Theft Auto V that they used an unconventional means to get to the front of a long line: they posed as police officers. According to the New York Post, 19-year-old Kirolos Abdel Sayed (an auxiliary police officer) and his two friends – 19-year-old Frank Santanastaso and 20-year-old Matthew Kirsheh – strolled into the Staten Island Mall just after midnight last night and flashed a badge so they could get into a GameStop and get the game before anyone else. They even arrived at the mall in an unmarked police vehicle equipped with lights and a siren that was bought at a police auction.

According The Post, Abdel Sayed said, "I’m with the NYPD," so the trio could get into the mall, according to a source. They then headed to the GameStop and purchased a copy of the game. Their big mistake that led to them being charged by real police? They apparently ran a number of stop signs outside the mall and were pulled over by police.

Ultimately the men were charged with criminal impersonation, which could put each of them in jail for up to a year.

Source: New York Post

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