EB Games Australia Apologizes for Fake Cocaine Display to Promote GTA V Launch

EB Games Australia has apologized publicly for a Grand Theft Auto V publicity stunt at one of its stores. Apparently a Grand Theft Auto V display in one of its Queensland stores used sherbert as fake cocaine.

"Regrettably, one of our EB Games store locations in Queensland set-up an unauthorised display within the store in support of the launch of the Grand Theft Auto V video game," Debra McGrath, EB's national brand, events and marketing manager said.

"The display included a white powdery substance that appeared to be some form of an illegal drug. We can confirm that the powdery substance was 'sherbet', a type of fizzy candy, and at no point did the store attempt to give any of the fizzy candy away. This was an isolated incident, and we apologise for any offence this may cause."

You can't make this stuff up.

Source: MCV

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  1. 0
    Farseli says:

    What I'm reading is, "We sell candy to kids in this country that kinda looks like drugs but that is okay until someone pretends it is an illegal drug." Boo on you for having an imagination.

  2. 0
    Andrew Eisen says:

    On one hand, that display is probably not the best idea for an all-ages store.

    On the other hand, for crying out loud, people!  Lighten up, would ya?


    Andrew Eisen

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